Lacey history – this week 1998

May 16th, 2016 by Ken

The feud between Lacey City Manager Greg Cuoio and Lacey businessman Bob Blume, broke into open warfare this week.  At a  Lacey City Council retreat, Cuoio told the council that he was convinced that working with Blume was a waste of effort to revitalize the downtown city core.   Cuoio told the councilmembers that they should concentrate their development efforts on the Hawks Prairie area and forget about trying to work with Blume.

In other news, panhandlers are creating a problem for some Lacey residents.  On some days, every entrance into South Sound Center are covered with them.   Lacey is considering a proposal to require panhandlers to obtain a permit and undergo a background check.   The Olympian and some Olympia leaders have criticized those efforts as going too far.   Olympia says it has more productive measures to deal with panhandlers.

(Editors note:   The City of Lacey never did address the issue of panhandlers and never did put restrictions on when and where they could do their work.)

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