North Thurston to keep its name

May 12th, 2016 by Ken

After a public meeting Thursday, the North Thurston school board decided to take no further action on a possible name change meaning the North Thurston name will continue to be the name of the school district.

Opposition to any name change came primarily from current and retired employees of the district who argued that any money used for a name change could better be used to educate kids.   There was some disagreement between the amount of money it would take to make the name change – – between the district’s estimate of around $25,000 and some opponents who saw the amount in the hundreds of thousands.

Opposition also centered on the history the district had developed in its 70 years of existence.   A name change would take away those accomplishments some thought.

There were a  few who spoke in favor of a name change including Mayor Andy Ryder and former Lacey City Manager Greg Cuoio.

As the evening dragged on some opponents took the opportunity to criticize Lacey for what they saw as various negative city activities.

(Editors note:   I’ve spent 30 years trying to convince the North Thurston school district to change its name to Lacey.  This was the first time the idea was even brought forward.)

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