Who will you honor this Sunday?

May 6th, 2016 by Ken

Every person in the world has one thing in common – – we all have a mother.

And of course, in honor of these mothers – – Mother’s Day has been created. Woe be the child who forgets his mother this Sunday.

Mother’s Day can be traced to a Spring celebration in ancient Greece in honor of Rhea, the mother of the gods. In the 1600’s England celebrated Mothering Sunday on the fourth Sunday after Easter.

Modern Mother’s Day started a little over a hundred years ago when a 41-year old Philadelphia woman – Anna Jarvis – sought a way to honor her mother who had died on May 9, 1905. She convinced several churches in the Philadelphia area to set aside a Sunday to honor mothers and selected the date of her mother’s death – – the second Sunday in May.

The event caught on and in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson declared the Second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day.

It’s the number one day for phone calls, the number one day for greeting cards, the number one day for flowers and the number one day for restaurant meal. Don’t try to find a place to take your mother out to eat this Sunday – – you’ll have a difficult time if you haven’t already made reservations.

Some men give their wives a gift on Mother’s Day. Not me – – my wife is not my mother.

I don’t have a mother – – my mother’s gone. But one important mother in a man’s life is his mother-in-law. You could wait until Mother-in-Law day but you might be in trouble. That was on March 5 and you missed it.

I would suggest that you do something for your Mother-in-law this Sunday. That’s my plan anyway.

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