The purpose of life

May 3rd, 2016 by Ken

I haven’t been asked to be a speaker at a graduation ceremony – – but if I were asked – – here’s what I’d tell the graduates.

Avoid commitments.

The secret to success is the avoidance of the restraints that force you to compromise.

If you take on a large load of debt, you’re forced to take a job that you don’t like, just to pay off the debt. If you take on a personal relationship it will be necessary to consider your partner’s feelings before making an important decision. And that may result in a decision you won’t like.

If you buy a house, or make some other major purchase, you’ll be tied to that decision for years – if not decades.

Commitments restrict your flexibility to take advantage of opportunities that may come your way. You will never be successful if you have to compromise.

In the long run – – you have to decide. What is it that you really want? Because success doesn’t always bring you happiness. There’s often a trade-off. If you find success and happiness in your life – – you’ve realized the purpose of life.

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