Vegas no longer wants us

May 1st, 2016 by Ken

Regular readers of this newsletter will note that I haven’t posted an item on it in nearly a week. I’ve been out of town.

I’ve been to Las Vegas – – one of my favorite vacation spots. I’ve been going to “Vegas” for more than two decades, sometimes twice a year, but always at least once each calendar cycle.

I’ve seen the city change. I saw the old casinos brought down and I’ve seen the new ones rise in their places. I’ve seen the town go through its “family friendly” stage and I’ve seen it revert back to its “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” state. I’ve seen the city prosper as 20,000 people a month moved into the city – – and I’ve seen it when the 2008 recession left many major construction projects unfinished and exposed to the elements.

This time around, I’ve seen the city adopt its new role. It is now the place where millennials now go to party and play. Vegas has turned its backs on the boomers who made up the majority of its customers for decades. The city is now “high tech” and the streets, hotels, casinos and restaurants are now filled with 20 and 30 year-olds. Night clubs cater only to the young and entertainment is oriented to that generation.

We’re not wanted anymore. The “old” high rollers now visit Macau or one of the other gambling meccas around the world. Us old-timers are tolerated.

And, while you can find elements of recognizable old Vegas, the city has turned its back on us. Either that – – or I just got to old to understand what “fun” really is.

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