$20 bill image change short-sighted

April 21st, 2016 by Ken

I understand the political correct pressure being applied to the US Treasury to put a woman and/or a minority on American currency. That’s the story of our time – we have to live with it.

Removing Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill, however, instead of Hamilton on the $10, is a case of significant pressure, this time from the cultural elite. They’ve fallen in love with Hamilton as portrayed on the New York stage. Jackson is always named in the top ten most effective presidents and is the only president to have an era named after him. I’m aware of his slave ownership and his Indian removal policy – but he shouldn’t be removed from American currency anymore than Washington, Lincoln or Grant.

If we must place a woman or minority on American money, Harriet Tubman is a poor choice. Her contribution to this country’s legacy is minor and insignificant. If we must place a black woman on the currency, than Rosa Parks is a better choice. She jump-started the modern civil rights movement. If it must be a woman, than Eleanor Roosevelt is the best choice.

I think the U.S. Treasurer is trying to meet the expectation of the vocal minority community without any great understanding of American society – – or even American history.

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