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April 14th, 2016 by Ken

The Public Records Act has created a problem and significant cost to local governments.   The City of Lacey has one person full time to answer public records requests.  In Thurston County three people are actively involved in answering citizen requests – – an attorney, a legal aid and a clerical person.   Costs to local government runs into the $100,000’s.

There is a suicide in Thurston County almost every week.   Some 48 people committed suicide last year in the county.   That adds up to almost one a week.  Some 70 percent of them shoot themselves with a gun.

The City of Olympia has implemented a $20 car tab tax on all automobiles registered in the city.   Shortly, the city will increase that amount to $40 per year – with an option of increasing it to $50 next year.  The City of Tumwater has levied a .02 percent sales tax increase to fund transportation matters.   Thurston County and the City of Lacey are looking at increasing taxes to fund road and street projects.  Lacey hopes to go to the voters some time next year with a .02 percent sales tax increase. Can you register your car in Tumwater or Lacey if you live in Olympia?   You’re not suppose to.

Lacey continues to have the most diverse population in the county.   Some 74 percent of Lacey’s population is white.   In Olympia the white population numbers 84 percent and Tumwater is 85 percent white.   The largest minority group in those cities is Asian.   Lacey is 8 percent Asian, Olympia is 6 percent and Tumwater is nearly 5 percent.

While we’re on the subject of population, Thurston Regional Planning Council’s estimates of city population in 2015 has Olympia on top with 51,000.   Lacey with 46,000, Tumwater 19,100 and Yelm at 8,165.   These are just educated estimates.


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