Name change faces school district

March 29th, 2016 by Ken

Now that they’ve hired a new school superintendent, the North Thurston school board will face another significant decision – – a name change for the school district.

The board will hold a work session on April 18 to determine if the name of the district should be changed to better reflect its service community – – and if so – – to what.

For several years, school supporters have thought that the name “North Thurston” no longer reflected the greater Lacey community and that a name such as “Lacey” might better tie the school community with the community it serves.   When Raj Manhas took the reins of the district, one of his pledges was to begin a discussion on that matter,

That discussion has been underway for some time, but the work session on April 18 will be the first official meeting of the school board on the issue.


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