North Thurston has new school superintendent

March 28th, 2016 by Ken

North Thurston Public Schools have hired a new superintendent – – Dr. Debra Clemens – most recently from Cheney.   She goes by Deb, so we’ll see how soon people start calling her that.    She replaces Raj Manhas, who will retire at the end of June.

Like all good spouses, she followed her husband, to Western Washington, where he has taken a new job.   She had applied for other jobs on the wet side of the mountains including for the Edmonds School District, where she placed second.

North Thurston school board members had nice things to say about her selection to head Thurston county’s largest school district.    School Board president Aaron Owada was quoted in “The Olympian” as saying she has values commensurate with the values we have in North Thurston.  Board member Graeme Sackrison said that she has a broad range of experiences and is eager to become more involved in the community.

She and her family will soon move to Lacey.

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