Words of advice from a poker player

March 25th, 2016 by Ken

I’m a poker player.   I’ve been sitting at the poker table since I was three.   My daddy let me sit on his lap, stack his chips and throw them in the pot when he called.   It wasn’t too long after, that I set my feet on the road to ruin.   It was a tough road, but I always held an extra ace – – the advice I had received from my daddy.

One word he gave me – and has been picked up around the world – – is – when you play with strangers – look around for the sucker.   If you don’t see him – chances are its you.

When you enter a poker game, tell everyone that you have to leave at a certain time.    That way – if you’re winning, you can leave with no hard feelings.  If you’re losing, you can stay longer.   You control your activity in the game.

Daddy always said that a man should play erratic poker for the first half hour.   By that he means, raise when you don’t have anything – – fold when you do have a good hand – – and raise when you have nothing.   let the other guys know and let them win a few small pots.

That way – – daddy said – – they’ll never get a bead on how you play.

Alter your play according to the table.   If it’s tight – then play loose.   If it’s loose – then play tight.   Remember – the play of the game will change many times during the night – – you have to change with it.

Lady luck also brings winning streaks.   Sometime during the game, you’ll hit a winning streak.  Ride it as long as you can.   Eventually it will leave you – – know when that time comes.

Daddy always said he can’t play the money.   You need to bet, call or raise – regardless of how much money you have in front of you.   You have to play like you have all the money in the world.  don’t be bought out of a pot because it seems like too much.

If you can’t afford to lose – – don’t play.

The idea that everyone has tells has some truth to it.   But – if you’re depending on the other guys tells to make your wager – – you’re not going to play your best game.

Know the odds.  Pay attention to the cards which have been played.   Know that drawing to an inside straight is 11 to 1 odds.  If you have a full house – -chances are that someone else will also have a full house.   It has to do with the cards that are available.

Those are just some of the words of advice my daddy gave me for playing poker.

And – by the way.   It’s not always the quiet guy that comes out ahead in a poker game.   Sometimes its the guy making all the noise – and – if you play with me – – I’ll be the guy making all the noise.

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