Boys will be boys – and the schools be damned

March 22nd, 2016 by Ken

If they would have had such a diagnosis when I was a kid – – I would have been medicated.

I think about that when I read recently that one out of five boys in school have been determined to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

The Center for Disease Control said that 6,500,000 children – – most of them boys – – are suffering from ADHD – and that $9,000,000,000 is spent each year to control it.

No one is certain why the increase, but it’s significant.   Some attribute  the increase to over-diagnosis, others to problems with our modern society and some to drug companies which help doctors find a problem that needs their solution.   It’s probably a combination of all of those – – but I think the problem rests with our educational system.

The American educational system has been feminized.  Our schools favor girls and are stacked against boys.

In our modern school system, girls our-pace boys in almost every level of educational endeavor.   Girls are better at reading – -and they’re just as good as boys in math and science.   Girls go on to higher education in such numbers that boys are now a minority group on most college campuses.

Our modern educational system is stacked against boys.   Teachers like kids who pay attention in class – – who are quite during study periods – – who obey the rules – – and who work cooperatively with others.    Those are female  traits.

Most boys don’t sit still for long periods – – are disruptive in class – – stretch the rules – – and always compete against each other.   They seldom work cooperatively until the top dog has been identified.   Those are male traits – – and are associated with ADHD.

Boys are just being boys, but since most school teachers are female, and since many boys are now being raised in a single family female household – – these women don’t understand boys.

Boys are different from girls at birth and our educational system has shifted so far to the female side that boys are being medicated to keep them from being boys.

Let boys be boys and let the schools adjust.

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