Global Climate change

March 16th, 2016 by Ken

No one’s asked me lately but I believe our climate is changing.   But – – I don’t believe us puny humans had anything to do with it.    I know!   That puts me in the minority role and paints me as an ultra-conservative.    I’d rather think of myself as a climate historian – – with absolutely no credentials.

Historians will tell you that our planet has gone through climate changes many times in the past.   Some 10,000 years ago, climate change wiped out 90 percent of all the major mammals in the world.    And, as recently as the 18th Century, the earth was still in the throes of the Little Ice Age.

Those of us who have lived in one place for a long time can tell you that the weather has changed right here in Thurston County.  Our winters in the 50’s, 60’s and even into the 70’s were always colder, with more snow and ice.   Our last three winters have been warm and this past winter we had only 7 days when the temperature dipped into the 20’s.  Most of our winters for the last decade have been milder than previously.

Our last two summers have been long, hot and dry.   Previously, summer didn’t start until the Fourth of July and then lasted only six to eight weeks.   Last year – summer started in May and ran all the way through October.

Now, that I’ve laid out my idea that we are in a period of global warming, brought on my natural occurring events – – I have a point.

What can we do about Global Climate change?

Move to the Pacific Northwest

Scientist have determined that in the event of global warming, the best place to live in the Northern Hemisphere is in the Pacific Northwest.   We are one of the few areas of the country that will benefit from global warming.   That concept is already well-know in California, where thousands of residents in the last couple of years, have packed up and moved to Washington.

We’ll have more rain in the winter, more sun in the summer and more Californians enjoying the Northwest lifestyle brought to you by – – Mother Nature.

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