Edward’s campaign tips county

March 8th, 2016 by Ken

Thurston County tipped to the south and right this morning, when former Thurston County sheriff Gary Edwards kicked off his independent campaign for Thurston County commissioner – – the seat being vacated by Sandra Romero.

Several hundred supporters packed the Worthington Center – many of them from the south county – – to hear Edwards talk about being drafted.  “I’ve been drafted twice in my life,” he said.   “The first was in 1965 when Uncle Sam called me.   And recently when I complained about government and said that if no one else would run for county commissioner – – I would,   I’ve been held to my word.”

Although saying he was drafted, Edwards went down a list of things he felt were out of kilter and needed changing.   These included one big south county problem – – gophers.   “I’ll get something done,” he promised his audience

Edwards served five consecutive terms as Thurston County sheriff, from 1987 until he retried in 2007.   Many law enforcement officials were in attendance at the kick-off, but he reminded them he wasn’t running for sheriff.   “I’m running for the county commission to get something done,” he said.

Edwards said the revenue shortfall that the county has, is self-induced because of public policy decisions made by the commissioners.   “We need to bring some common sense back to county government,” he said.

To date, Edwards has no announced opposition to his campaign but said he fully expects the Democrats to put someone up against him.

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