Initiative 732 raises gas tax

March 2nd, 2016 by Ken

Some 350,000 well-meaning but ignorant voters signed Initiative 732 with the idea of doing something to stop global climate change.   The idea – – put a tax on those who pollute.

The measure is currently before the Washington State Legislature and will eventually come before the voters of Washington.

But, before voting on the initiative – – please read it carefully.    Not only does it give tax breaks to Boeing, but it will increase the price of gas by as much as 25 cents per gallon.   Last year the legislature raised the price of gas by 11 cents leaving us with the second highest gas tax in the country.

It’s easy to put another tax on gas while the cost at the pump is relatively low.   But another 25 cents per gallon will boost the price far beyond the power of many low income residents to pay – when the price will once again rise.

Taxing the polluters has merit.  But –  Initiative 732 is so flawed that no one really knows what to do.   Only the voter can decide.  Read the entire measure – – look deep into its ramifications – – then vote No.

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