The socialist or the liar

February 22nd, 2016 by Ken

The socialist or the liar.   With those words echoing from the stage at Columbian Hall stage Saturday, some 250 local Republican precinct committee officers (PCOs) gathered to help select the state’s delegates  who will vote for president of the United States when the party meets July 18-21 in Cleveland.

I attended that Saturday caucus as a guest and stayed just long enough to get a sense of whom the party faithful were supporting for president.   While I saw no material for Donald Trump, Marco Rubio fans were in attendance.  I thought it made sense that Rubio seemed to be the choice of the delegates.   After all, this was the 22nd District caucus, the most liberal district in the entire state.   Some of that had to rub off on Republicans.

It was the mainstream Republicans – – the remnants of the Governor Dan Evans party – which still holds sway over GOP politics in Olympia – – or at least they appeared to do so at this caucus.

The words socialist or liar were uttered at the beginning to reinforce the understanding that the Democratic bench is severely flawed – and that the right Republican could sweep into the presidential office.

Results of the actual caucus votes won’t be known for some time.   And, if you missed the caucus – and are a Republican – – you can help select half of the delegates when that party holds its Primary election on May 24.

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