Thanks Sam Hunt

February 18th, 2016 by Ken

The citizens and voters of Thurston County should take the time this week to thank our state representative Sam Hunt for his arduous efforts to take the burden off of our backs of changing our county governmental structure.

Hunt introduced a measure in the state house to increase the number of county commissioners in our county from three to five – – thus giving us more representation in county government.  His bill passed and is now in the state senate.

Hunt also is so concerned about our lack of representation in the county, that he’s going to move up to the state senate next year when he can be of even more help to us poor over-burdened voters.

Hunt believes that he has done us a favor.   At least three times in the modern era, Thurston County voters have had the opportunity to change their form of county government – – and haven’t done so.    Another effort this year has faltered due to lack of interest on the part of most county residents.

Hunt thinks he has done us a favor by forcing us to accept an expanded Thurston County Commission.   He has taken the burden off our backs and put it upon himself.

So – -thanks Sam Hunt.   You did us a favor by relieving us of having to make another decision on our  county government.   The voters of Thurston County should thank you by promoting you to the state senate.

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