Tight control of Democratic party

February 16th, 2016 by Ken

Are you a Democrat?

According to Thurston County Democratic chair Katie Nelson – – you better register with her if you want to run for political office as a Democrat.

This old party wants complete and total control of anyone who wants to represent its brand.   And, Brady Olson found out the hard way.

You remember Brady Olson – – he’s the North Thurston High School teacher who stopped a student with a gun from causing death and injury to other students.   He has been touted as a hero by many different organizations and even by the governor.

He announced a month ago he was planning to run for the state legislature in the 22nd District seat being vacated by Chris Reykdal.   But, when he went to speak at a Democratic fund-raiser last week he was shut out.  Chair Nelson said he hadn’t cleared his campaign with her and hadn’t signed papers declaring himself a Democrat.

Brady has withdrawn from the race and is returning the money he has raised – – saying he was disillusioned beyond anything he can describe.

I wonder if Nelson saw something in Brady she didn’t like – – perhaps he wasn’t “progressive”  enough – – or perhaps he wasn’t even really a Democrat.

Whatever the reason – – Brady’s treatment has indicated once more that old-time hardball politics – – is alive and thriving in Thurston County.   The Democrats don’t want new, young blood in their party – until they sign a loyalty oath.

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