Legislative appointment politics

February 15th, 2016 by Ken

Tomorrow the Pierce County Council and the Thurston County Commission will appoint someone to fill the 2nd  Legislative District seat left vacant by the resignation of Graham Hunt.

Republicans in Thurston and Pierce counties had the opportunity to name three possible candidates to fill that vacant seat since Hunt was a Republican.   The 2nd Legislative District takes in parts of Thurston County including all of Lacey’s Urban Growth Area and all of Yelm and its growth area.   The rest of the district lies in Southern Pierce County.

Both Pierce and Thurston county officials have to agree on the replacement.

Those selected by the Republican precinct officers in the district are – – Amy Cruver and Kerry Hooks French from Pierce County and Andrew Barkis from Thurston County.  None of the three have ever held elective office.

Barkis has gone through this selection process before however.   Barkis was one of three candidates selected to fill the vacancy when Gary Alexander resigned.   Graham Hunt was selected.  Barkis hopes to be the selection this time around.

Complicating the matter is the fact that Barkis ran for Thurston County Commissioner three years ago against Democrat Sandra Romero and lost.   Romero is one of those who will help make the selection for the vacant legislative seat.

What are the odds?   Barkis is confident.    Local politics will win out.

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