Lacey history this week 1999

February 10th, 2016 by Ken

The City of Lacey is looking at re-aligning Sixth Avenue to make it the city’s new downtown.   The city plans to eliminate two lanes of traffic and institute on street parking.  Business owners along the street see such action as causing traffic problems and traffic back-ups and are opposed to the idea.

In a related development, plans to build a Belltower on Sixth Avenue where it meets up with Sleater Kinney has the backing of city government – – but no money.   Plans call for the tower to be 60-feet tall, built of glass and aluminum sitting on a half acre piece of property.   The city will obtain the property, but the tower will have to be built with private money.

(Editors note:   The city was unable to obtain the property and the idea of a Lacey Belltower eventually vanished, although some property along Sixth Avenue carry the Belltower name.)

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