Lacey community supports its schools

February 10th, 2016 by Ken

Residents of Lacey voiced their support for their school district by approving a maintenance and operations levy by more than 2-1.   When the final votes are counted Lacey schools will have received the approval of nearly 67 percent of all voters.

It’s now time for the school district to begin the process of changing its name to reflect the support it receives from the greater Lacey area.    School Superintendent Raj Manhas has said he will call for the creation of a citizen’s committee which will look at  changing the name of the school district from North Thurston to Lacey.

Now is the time to begin that process.   The voters of Lacey have shown they support their schools, it’s time for the school district to acknowledge that support.

(Future articles will spell out the history of the district and the reason for the name change.   Watch this blog.)

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