Too many elections?

February 8th, 2016 by Ken

I have a Canadian friend who visits the United States frequently.   He observed that – “you have elections all the time.   Every time I come here you’re having an election.”

And, I respond, “That’s right.   That’s what you do in a country where the people run the government.”

I guess he was taken with the fact that in Canada the election season is short — usually less than 30 days.   And, since their government is a parliamentary system they can have elections at any time – – where here our elections are set for particular dates.

But, it does seem that we have constant elections in the United States.  It always seems that we have campaigns going on constantly.   This current presidential campaign has been going for more than a year already.

Another reason is that we have so many elected positions.   Right here in Thurston County – if my memory serves me right – we have 107 elective positions that are voted on by us.

Multiply that by 39 counties – – add a few more special boards and state offices and we have about 5000 elected officials in Washington state.

That’s a lot of elections.

Lets not forget that we also have special election dates for school levy and bond issues.   Right now the school ballots are due in by tomorrow.

Top that off by special city elections.   The City of Lacey is looking at going before the voters in April for approval of a sales tax increase for transportation.

We sure have a lot of elections in the United States, in Washington state and in Thurston County – – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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