Lacey Council split continues

January 14th, 2016 by Ken

Two years ago, Andy Ryder was selected by the Lacey City Council to represent the council as the mayor.  It wasn’t unanimous. He was selected by a 4-3 vote.

Last night, at its regular council meeting, Ryder was again selected as the city’s mayor – – by the same vote 4-3.   The three votes going to Virgil Clarkson who was joined by Lenny Greenstein and Jason Hearn.  A similar situation held true for Deputy Mayor Cynthia Pratt.

A liberal coalition of Ryder, Pratt, Jeff Gadman and Michael Steadman have consistently out-voted Clarkson, Greenstein and  Hearn on political matters.

Later in the meeting, the Lacey Council debated the merits of endorsing the upcoming North Thurston maintenance and operations school levy which is on the February ballot.  Hearn and Greenstein felt that the council shouldn’t take a stand on a ballot measure which will be going before the  voters.   The liberal coalition was joined by Clarkson and voted 5-2 to hold a public hearing on January 28 regarding the city endorsement of the levy.

In another political matter prior to the meeting, Steadman said he is 99 percent certain he will run for  the Thurston County Commission for the position being vacated by Sandra Romero.   Former Thurston County Sheriff Gary Edwards has already indicated he too will run for that seat.   Edwards will run as an independent while Steadman will run as a Democrat.


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