Virgil Clarkson to call it quits

January 8th, 2016 by Ken

Lacey’s longest serving councilmember – – Virgil Clarkson – – has let it be known that this is his last term on the Lacey City Council.   He will not run again when his term is up in 2017.

Clarkson has been on the Lacey City Council since 1998 and has seldom had any competition for re-election.   He first ran for the Lacey City Council in 1997 – but lost a close race to the eventual  winner – Graeme Sackrison – by less than 50 votes.  When a vacancy occurred on the council a year later he was appointed to the vacant seat and has been returned to office ever sense.

He served for several years as deputy mayor and then as mayor.  Four years ago he returned back to the council.

Clarkson may not be the only current Lacey councilmember stepping down in 2017.  It’s been rumored that Cynthia Pratt may also call this her last term.

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