New local radio hits market

January 7th, 2016 by Ken

If you’re a county fan, there’s a new local country station 92.9 – – Feel Good Country.  It’s produced by Olympia Broadcasting Inc. which also has 94.5 ROXY.  The new station has been on the air about three weeks.

President and part owner of ROXY – – Mike Marohn – – said that we ain’t seen nothing yet.   He’s currently in the process of programming another new radio station 101.9 which will play classic rock from the 70’s to the 90’s.  Marohn calls it Brewhouse Rock.   “We’ll dip into the 60’s and even have a little hip hop, he said.

“We’re excited about both of our new stations,” Marohn said.  “It helps us expand our market as to what we can offer our listeners and advertisers.”  He said the classic rock station should be on air by February.

As for the new country station, Marohn said he wanted to show people that all country music isn’t sad.  “Not only will the dog come back and the house won’t burn down, we’ll show the enjoyment that country music can bring.”

A full announcement of the new stations will be coming out shortly.

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