Former commissioner eyes county seat

January 6th, 2016 by Ken

Kevin O’Sullivan, who served a term as Thurston County Commissioner in 1998-2002 is eyeing a run at the current Thurston County Commission seat to be vacated by Cathy Wolfe who is retiring..

He joins former Thurston County Sheriff Gary Edwards who is considering a run at the seat currently held by Sandra Romero who has also announced her intention to retire.  Edwards would run an as independent if he enters the race.   O’Sullivan has not said which party identification he will carry.  He has run as both a Democrat and a Republican.

The rash of former elected officials running for the county commission is the direct result of the defeat two years ago of Karen Valenzuela by relative unknown Bud Blake.  An independent, Blake has shown that given the right circumstances, an incumbent Democratic woman elected official can be beat.

Open seats with no incumbent often draw a large number of candidates.   If O’Sullivan runs, he will be facing off against Olympia Councilmember Jim Cooper who has already announced his candidacy.

It appears that the Republican party in Thurston County is dead – or at least on life-support.   Current Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza holds office as an Independent.   Blake holds office as an Independent and Edwards will run as an Independent if he runs.   It’s expected that O’Sullivan will also run as an Independent – – if he runs.

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