On the beaches of Thurston County

November 9th, 2015 by Ken

We’ve known for some time – – here in Washington state – – that what happens in Seattle and King County tends to drive events statewide.   There’s nothing that shows the battle between urban and rural more what happened this election regarding Initiative 1366,

Eyman’s initiative would require the state legislature to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot requiring a two-thirds vote of the legislature before raising taxes.   If they didn’t do that – the the state sales tax would fall from 6.5 percent to 5.5 percent.

It passed in every county in the state with the exception of King and Thurston counties.

The battle between the urban areas of our state and the rural areas of our state couldn’t have been more clear.

Thurston County isn’t urban in the same way as King County, but many of the liberal ideas adopted in King County eventually find their way to our little community through the employees of the state legislature – – where King County does drive activities.

As pointed out in the media recently, the Republican party continues to make gains in the state legislature where they now control the senate and are just two votes away from controlling the house.

There hasn’t been a Republican legislator elected from the 22nd District since Bill Garson in 1980.

Our senator Karen Fraser is vacating her seat and running for Lieutenant Governor while our representative Chris Reykdal is seeking election as State Superintendent of Public Instruction.   Our other representative Sam Hunt is looking to fill Fraser’s shoes in the state senate.

With an open senate seat and two open house seats this coming year we’ll see if the Republican tide washes out on the beaches of Thurston County.

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