Lacey history this week 1969

November 2nd, 2015 by Ken

The results of the recent election were in and Lacey won again.

Tom Adams, an incumbent member of the Lacey City Council and an advocate for annexing into Olympia, was defeated in his re-election bid by Hap Kemp.  Tom Buckingham, who led the fight against annexation to Olympia, defeated incumbent councilmember Ray Alverson.  And Gene Asselstine  defeated incumbent councilmember Maureen Green.   It was the first city council election since incorporation and Olympia had floated a ballot measure to annex Lacey.   It failed, but those who supported it on the Lacey City Council went down to defeat.

In other election news, a long-haired student led to the defeat of two incumbent school board members and the resignation of the North Thurston School Superintendent.

Superintendent Charles Callahan had denied entrance to a male North Thurston High School student with long hair.   His decision was overturned by the school board.   Callahan resigned, and school board members Mark Knutsen and Frank Noren were defeated in a write-in effort by Richard Failor and Marlyta Deck.   None of the other school board members were up for re-election.

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