What does Halloween conjure up?

October 30th, 2015 by Ken

Ghoolies and ghosties and all kinds of beasties – and things that go “bump” in the night.

That’s what Halloween conjures up.  Images of ghosts, of monsters, of all kinds of evils.   The dead – – emerged from the grave – – walking the upper world.  Or perhaps, the headless horseman with a pumpkin in its place – holding his head under his arm as he roams the countryside of our land.

Witches, demons and the devil all have their place in the celebration of Halloween.   Because that was the original beginnings of the holiday – which dates back by some accounts to around 800 BC.

The ancient Druids called the day – Sal N – and dedicated it to the god of death.   In an effort to convert the island people of Ireland – Christianity took over the holiday about 430 AD and a few hundred years later renamed the day  – – All Hallows Eve – – which was the evening before celebrating the death of Christian martyrs.

While it died off in England the holiday found its way to our shores and in the middle of the 20th Century and became a tradition and a major holiday.  Boomers took to the day, and when they became adults continued to celebrate Halloween.   Today, more than $2 billion dollars will be spent on candy and another $1.5 billion on costumes and decorations.   Halloween has become a major retail bonanza – – second only to Christmas in the amount of money spent.

Halloween has undergone several changes in recent years.   Devils and evil beings had been replaced by princesses and super heroes.  Uncle Sam, football players and video game characters prevailed.    In the last few years however – – television has brought back zombies, vampires and even the headless horseman.

While some still see Halloween as an anti-religious celebration – – most of us just enjoy the day for what it is.   A chance for adults to dress up and act like children – – even for just a few hours.

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