What zoning means to Olympia mayor candidates

October 28th, 2015 by Ken

Marco Rossi and Cheryl Selby, candidates for Olympia mayor, keyed off together for the 12th time – –  this time before members of the Gateway Rotary Club.

A question from the audience set the pattern for what Olympia always does in the way of zoning.  When asked about two gun shops in the city limits, both Shelby and Rossi said that, in the future, they would use zoning laws to regulate such businesses.

Olympia has a habit of doing that.   To Olympia leaders, zoning for unwanted activities such as pot shops and adult entertainment establishments – – means putting them on Martin Way – –  in that section of Olympia which runs through Lacey.  In their minds it’s “out of sight.”  To Lacey residents, Olympia’s zoning activities is just another indication of what the City of Olympia really thinks about Lacey residents

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