Name change being considered

October 16th, 2015 by Ken

It’s been talked about for some time – quietly, under the table – –  perhaps its time for the North Thurston school district to change its name to – – Lacey school district.

Now, it’s being talked about in public.   Last night, at a joint meeting of the North Thurston Public Schools and the City of Lacey, the issue came up.   Talking about the city’s 50th birthday next year, Lacey Mayor Andy Ryder said that he considered all of the school district as part of the Lacey community.   North Thurston School Superintendent Raj Manhas replied that the school district had been talking about re-naming itself to Lacey Public Schools.

“That would be a great birthday present for the city,” Ryder replied.

Manhas said that next year, he would appoint a committee to look at the district’s name.   “I’d like to be on that committee,” the Lacey mayor said.

A little  history – – please.

In 1953, the South Bay School District and the Lacey School District united and formed the North Thurston School District.   South Bay operated an elementary school, Lacey operated two schools – – Lacey and Mt. View.   All elementary students went through the Eighth Grade.  All high school students were sent to Olympia High School.

North Thurston High School was built a few years later and in the 1960’s – – the district experienced significant growth and other schools were constructed.

The City of Lacey was formed in 1966.   Population of the city was around 6000.   Lacey now has 44,000 people within its corporate city limits and another 60,000 in its growth management areas – – all of whom will eventually be annexed into the city.

The school district’s boundaries are incorporated almost entirely within Lacey’s city limits and growth management area.

Many people think its time to join the Lacey Fire District and the City of Lacey with the same name – – to create a greater sense of community and community pride.


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