Playing pure politics

October 15th, 2015 by Ken

Talk about playing politics – – there’s no one better at it than Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson – – or at least it appears that way.

Ferguson has been forced to bring lawsuits against the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) for campaign violations.  These suits had  been forced upon the attorney general by the Freedom Foundation, a conservative  organization dedicated to reducing government union power over elected officials.

Reluctantly Ferguson’s office brought the lawsuits against the SEIU – – keeping in mind that the union was a big financial supporter for Democrats – – of which Ferguson is one.

Then – – apparently in an effort to placate the union – – Ferguson also brought a lawsuit against the Freedom Foundation for campaign violations regarding not counting its staff time in working to place a right-to-work initiative before the voters.  A minor Public Disclosure Commission  violation normally handled by the PDC itself.

I was going to give the attorney general a pat on the back and an atta boy for taking on the unions – – even though he may have lost their support in a re-election bid.   But now – – it looks like nothing but pure politics – – and the attorney general appears to be a major player in that game.

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