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October 13th, 2015 by Ken

Western State Hospital is in need of expensive renovations and the need for more staff.   The Department of Natural Resources has spent every penny it has on fire fighting and even borrowed money from other funds.   In two words – it’s broke.  Washington State Parks needs money just to maintain the current facilities it has.  All around the state – agency after agency is experiencing financial needs – and the money just isn’t there.   Despite the fact that state revenues are expected to increase by more than a billion dollars next year – – the state doesn’t have the money to fund needed programs.   Why – because education has sucked up every penny, nickle and dime the state has available.   It’s time to end this relentless call by the Washington Education Association for “more money for education.”   There are other needs.

Not one to get too involved in the City of Olympia affairs, I can’t help but comment on the city’s efforts to pass Proposition One – the creation of a Metropolitan Tax District.   The measure would allow the city to increase taxes for the purpose of buying park land.   The impetus for this tax came from those living around LBA Park who want to stop development in their neighborhood and wants the city to buy the wooded land around the park which would have been cut down to make room for houses.   The city has a comprehensive plan which calls for more development within city boundaries, but anytime a developer wants to build new houses – – anywhere in the city – – the NIMBY’s jump in and force the development out side city limits – – thus defeating the purpose of the comprehensive plan.  This time the NIMBY’s have the support of city officials.   That’s a shame.

The recent news that one member of the Lacey City Council is supporting an opponent of a sitting Lacey councilmember is not unusual.   It happens occasionally.   What makes it different this time, is the openness of such an effort.  This type of politicing is usually done behind the scenes.

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