Capitol Center building doomed

October 5th, 2015 by Ken

Even if Ken Brogan purchases the Capitol Center Building, and even if voters in Olympia turn down a metro parks district, the Capitol Center building will never be re-developed.

Put simply, the City of Olympia doesn’t want the building developed and will put up so many delays, requirements and costs that it will become economically unfeasible to do anything with the building.

Anyone who tries to develop anything in Olympia runs into dozens of city rules, regulations and ordinances that make any re-development almost impossible.

They start by putting unreasonable requirements on any building permit.  Then they delay any answer as long as they can.  Then they tack on fees and costs that make one question the value of the re-development.  And, once you’ve answered all their questions, obeyed all the rules and paid all the fees – – they add new ones.

The City of Olympia wants the building destroyed – – not re-developed.

And, it’s called the Capitol Center Building, has always been called the Capitol Center Building and has never been referred to as “the mistake by the lake” except by those who want to tear it down.

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