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October 3rd, 2015 by Ken

Some 20 local historians met Saturday at the Schmidt Mansion to talk about local history, to bring themselves up to date on what each other was doing, and to see if they could work together to further the preservation, protection and promotion of local history.

The event was hosted by the Schmidt Mansion and it’s public history manager Don Trosper.   It was the second such meeting.   The first was held about six months ago.

While the attendees bemoaned the fact that Olympia didn’t have its own history museum – – it soon became clear that what was needed more than a museum was an archive to hold the vast volume of material which is quickly being gathered around the community.  A museum could follow later – after the collection is protected.

A concerted and concentrated effort is needed to convince local elected officials that such a facility is needed – – was determined to be the best course of action.

The group will meet again in six months to see where the effort has led.

(Editor’s note:   Lacey has a museum and collected material is currently being archived.   If you have documents, photos or material associated with Lacey’s history, contact the Lacey Museum curator Erin Quinn Valcho.)

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