Social security is a contract for all working people

October 1st, 2015 by Ken

I have an uncle – – let’s call him Sam.

Uncle Sam started his business career selling used cars.   He got into selling new cars, then fleet sales and eventually he began selling trucks to large utility companies.

He then began remodeling those trucks to meet the needs of the company – – with such things as lifts, blades and other parts as  needed.   Before long he had a manufacturing plant and then two plants.

When he retired at the age of 65 he was worth millions – – yet the one thing he looked forward to was getting his social security check.   “I worked all my life, paying into the system,” he told me one time.  “It’s my money, I worked for it, and I deserve it.”

What he didn’t tell many people was that his social security check was donated every month to charity – – to help working men down on their luck.

Recent efforts to deny social security benefits to those who make a great deal of money – should talk to my Uncle Sam.   When he started working, he didn’t know he would end up rich.   He paid into the system like everyone else and looked forward to the day he could retire.

The social security check was his contract with the government.

Who wants to live in a country whose word couldn’t be trusted.

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