Traffic and growth tops poll of concerns

September 21st, 2015 by Ken

Traffic problems tops a recent poll of concerns by local residents.

Taken on behalf of the  Thurston Climate Action Team, the poll was originally designed to ascertain the interest and concern of Thurston County residents on the issue of climate change.

The survey found that the issue was far down the list of concerns expressed by respondents to the poll.

Traffic was listed by 24 percent of the respondents as their main issue of concern.  Another 16 percent said population growth – – which could partly account for the traffic problem.

Growth management came in third with 9 percent – – also connected with population growth.

Other issues in single digits were:  homelessness, water supply, budget, taxes, education, crime,  housing and jobs.    Climate change – – the purpose of the study – – came in dead last in the survey with only 2 percent saying it was their top concern.

Even when people were allowed to make a second choice, climate change still came in on the bottom rung.

With the backing of all three local colleges and universities, a public form was held in downtown Olympia to solicit specific questions for the survey.

Stakeholders (environmental groups) helped select the students who made the calls and asked the questions.

Some 3000 Thurston County residents with landlines and 1800 with mobile numbers were called at random.   Some 510 respondents answered the question.   “What do you consider to be the top two issues facing Thurston County in the next five years.”   There were enough responses to ensure a 95 percent confidence level.

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