The Donald is exposed

September 17th, 2015 by Ken

The Trump Effect was in full bloom last night as nearly 23 million viewers turned into the Republican debate on CNN last night.  Those types of figures for a political event were highly unusual.

But, the next debate won’t pull anywhere near the number of viewers.   Donald Trump- – the maverick non-politician reached the peak of his popularity.    Many of those who tuned in to watch his performance, won’t tune in the next time around.

The Donald has shown his real colors.   He’s a school yard bully, whose response to those who criticized him was to call them names and denigrate them.   He had no answers to tough questions.

The curtain has been pulled back to expose a shallow, egotistical megalomaniac.

The wizard has been exposed.

It’s all downhill for The Donald from here on out.

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