Seattle – not part of Washington state

July 10th, 2015 by Ken

Independent City States were the norm a few centuries ago in such countries as Greece and Italy.  These city states operated independently of any larger government and existed in their own little world.

Right now, the question of independent city states is centered around “Sanctuary Cities”, cities which have determined on their own that they will not work with the federal government on issues of immigration.

There are only a handful of city states in the United States.  Currently making the most news is San Francisco, where the city’s unwillingness to work with the federal government on immigration has made news.

But – the City of Seattle isn’t far behind when it comes to operating as a separate city state within a loose framework of state and federal government.

Seattle is a sanctuary city.   But, more than that, Seattle continues to go its own way and reluctantly drags the rest of the state with it.

It’s $15 minimum wage – while it may make sense in the City State of Seattle, hurts the rest of the state.   It’s fight with the Port of Seattle over environmental issues shows it sees itself as the “savior” of our environment.

Now, the City State of Seattle is seriously considering a bill to tax gun sales and ammunition sales – – something probably in violation of federal law.

And just to show how silly a City State can become – – Seattle has outlawed all gender specific restrooms and now require all of them to be gender neutral.

Seattle is the big elephant which creates state revenue and demands obedience from the state legislature in response.

I think from now on, we should refer to Seattle as the City State of Seattle.   It operates in its own little world.

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