Plastic bag ban has holes in it

May 6th, 2015 by Ken

A plastic bag ban in Thurston County is full of holes – – which could result in a partial lifting of the ban.

Nearly eight months ago, the cities of Olympia, Tumwater and Lacey adopted a ban on plastic bags at local stores.   Thurston County followed with its ban in the non-incorporated sections of the county.    The vote to ban the bags was unanimous in the county and in Tumwater and Olympia.    In Lacey, the ban was enacted by a 4-3 vote of the Lacey City Council.

But, a recent survey of the ban by the Solid Waste Advisory body found that 54 percent of all residents and 57 of all residents in Lacey, were opposed to the ban.

In Lacey, the move to revoke the ban has drawn enough support, that the Lacey City Council will hold a work session on May 21 to determine the future of the ban.

What makes repeal of the ban in Lacey a possibility is the vote of one councilmember, Michael Steadman.

Steadman originally voted for the ban but has stated that due to the survey results, he might be interested in changing his mind.

In the meantime, Lacey Mayor Andy Ryder is under pressure from his “liberal” – make that Democratic base – to not reverse the ban in Lacey.

The council is expected to hear more information on the survey and the ban at its May 21 work session, but is not expected to take action at that time.

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