Commissioners won’t call for freeholders election

April 17th, 2015 by Ken

Thurston County commissioners will not call for a freeholder’s election.

That’s the assessment of former Secretary of State Sam Reed, who is a member of the Better Thurston organization.   He made those remarks at the Thursday meeting of the Lacey Rotary Club.

Reed said that commissioners are reluctant to call for a freeholder’s election to draft a new county charter because it could dilute their power and pay.

Instead, Better Thurston is in the process of starting an initiative campaign to force the commissioners to call for a freeholder’s election.   Under law, signatures from about 8000 registered voters in the county would force the commissioners to call for a freeholders vote.     Reed believes that number of signatures could be gathered by August, forcing an election in November.

Freeholders would be elected by commissioner districts – – perhaps five from each district.   This group would then draft a new county charter which would be placed before the voters for their approval.

More information on where you can sign the petition will be coming shortly.

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