When is the right age – politically?

March 31st, 2015 by Ken

House bill 1458 will have its day in the legislature this week when we’ll see pure politics at work.

The bill raises the legal age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21.

The argument in favor of raising the age says that cigarette smoking is dangerous and that those under the age of 21 don’t have enough self-control not to start smoking.   Proponents say most people who smoke, start smoking when they’re 18.   (I started smoking at 13.)

In Washington, we can do a number of dangerous things at 18.   We can legally gamble.   We can sign contracts.  We can agree to have sex.    Even more frightening is we can drive a car at age 16 – – a very dangerous activity.   And lets not forget that we can join the military at age 17.

The only thing we can’t legally do in this state, until the age of 21,  is consume alcohol.

Using tobacco doesn’t come near to being as dangerous as most of those other activities.

Why raise the age to 21?   POLITICS.

Every legislator wants to be seen as being concerned about the health and safety of our children.   Raising the age to use tobacco to 21 is a winner for any legislator.  There’s no down side.

So, if that’s the case, lets raise the age to 21 for all of those other activities – gambling, sex, driving and joining the military.

Lets see what the downside is to those decisions.


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