Mayor Ryder evaluation

March 30th, 2015 by Ken

Andy Ryder has finished up his first year as mayor of Lacey and I’m constantly being asked  “How’s he doing?”

The answer is fairly well – – better than expected.

There were many questions when Ryder was selected by the council to be the mayor.   He had no experience in city government.   He had never served on the council before.   No one was certain exactly where he stood on the various issues facing city government.

As a business owner, there were questions as to the amount of time he could devote to city business.   The mayor is often called upon to attend functions far in excess of other councilmembers.

He also had troubles sometimes expressing himself.

And, he was selected on a 4-3 split vote.   Not an over-whelming endorsement.

But, in his first year, Ryder has proven to be an effective leader.   He devotes considerable time to city business and representing the city both inside to city residents, and outside to other government entities.

He has grown into the job and even those who weren’t his supporters say he’s doing a good job.

However, he does have a tendency towards arrogance – – a trait not uncommon to politicians – – but one which can get an appointed  mayor into trouble.  More than one Lacey mayor has thought himself above the rest of the council and ended up losing his job.

Overall,  I would give Andy Ryder a B minus in his job as Lacey mayor.





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