Under the Gunn

February 26th, 2015 by Ken

Olympia Port Commissioner Sue Gunn, who has been incapacitated with multiple medical problems, has been put on notice that she is in danger of losing her port position.

Port of Olympia commission president Bill McGregor has started the clock ticking on Gunn, who has missed every port meeting and activity since November 24, 2014.

“It’s an extremely difficult thing to do, ” McGregor said.

Replacing elected officials falls under the Revised Code of Washington RCW 53.12.140 which says in part that elected officials who are not excused for more than 60 days will have been considered to have abandoned their elected position.   “In this case that 60-day clock started on February 17, ” McGregor said.   “That is the first meeting that we did not excuse her absence.”

Based on McGregor’s calendar Gunn must return or be granted an excused absence by April 18.

Commissioner George Barner attempted to excuse Gunn’s absence on February 17, but the motion was not seconded.

“I wish her well and I sincerely hope she is able to return and resume her duties as port commissioner,” McGregor said.

McGregor pointed out that Gunn has instructed the port not to send her emails nor contact her regarding port issues.   However, since she has been on excused absence, she has continued to receive her stipend and other benefits associated with the position of port commissioner, he said.

“While a couple of citizens have said my action to not excuse Commissioner Gunn is mean spirited, I think they should realize that it is simply a move to begin the process to insure that the citizens of this community are  being served as expected,” McGregor said.


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