What would Martin Luther King Jr. do?

January 13th, 2015 by Ken

Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

In an effort to make the day significant to everyone and not just the black citizens our our country – – some have been trying to change the tenor of the day.

They want Monday to be  – A Day of Service.  It’s not a bad concept.  Every day should be a day of service – and it makes sense to single out one day – and make it a highlght.   I guess Martin Luther King Jr. Day is as good a day as any.

But, by doing that we have a tendency to forget what the day is really about.

It’s about leadership – it’s about human rights – it’s about freedom – and it’s about peace and brotherhood.

I wonder what Dr. King would make of the recent events in our country over the issue of police brutality and the death of young black men.   Or the killing of police officers as a revenge.

Would Dr. King join in the protests?  Would he lead them?  Would he mourn for the lost police officers?

Would he call for massive demonstrations or would he call for better understanding between races?

I’m not an expert on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   I probably know a little more than most white men and probably a little less than most black Americans.

But, I think he would be appalled by the violence associated with the marches.   I suspect he would also be at the front of the line encouraging dialogue and understanding – – and begging everyone to put aside violence and talk with each other.

On Monday – on Martin Luther King Jr. Day – we can be of service to our community.  That’s a good legacy for this man of peace.

A better legacy however would be to put aside fears and anger and start talking.

I’m sure he’d appreciate that just as much.

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