Equality in the eating place

December 9th, 2014 by Ken

The fascination that some people have with legislators and lobbyists meeting over a meal seems just silly to me.

First of all;  any lobbyist whose vote can be bought for the price of a meal – – even an expensive one – – won’t be around long.   He’ll soon sell out for a greater amount of money – – and then sell out his soul.

Even expensive golfing trips – – or meetings in some exotic location – – paid for by lobbyists – – seem fine to me, providing they’re reported.

What seems at steak (stake) here isn’t lobbyists meals or lobbyist meetings – – but is really a question of equality in the eating place.

It’s simple jealousy on the part of the Democrats.

Most of the liberal Democrats on the hill are in the pockets of non-profit organizations like environmental groups which often don’t have money for expensive outings.

On the other hand, the conservative Republicans are often in the pockets of business groups which seem to have far more money than those who support Democrats.

Therefore – – Republicans legislators are being winded and dined in the best restaurants in the state and get to take expensive golf outings at tony private golf clubs.

Democrats end up eating at some local restaurant before taking a tour of some natural area and a round of golf at a public course.

Democrats are jealous.   They want equality in the eating place.

And that’s what all this fuss is about.


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