County officials support charter movement

November 18th, 2014 by Ken

Previous attempts to create a Home Rule Charter for Thurston County have failed for several reasons, but not having the support of the county elected officials were a significant reason.

Word has it that all of our county elected officials support drafting a new county charter.

When we talk of county elected officials, we’re talking about the county sheriff, the county auditor, the county assessor, the county treasurer, the county clerk, the county coroner and any other county elected official we have.

While none of come out in public in support of the effort, I have it on good authority that they are all in agreement.   They want the county commission expanded to five members and they want the creation of a county administrator.

They also all want to keep their county positions as elected officials.  They’re not certain if they should be made non-partisan.

One thing is certain.   A county charter movement cannot succeed if the county elected officials are opposed.  This time it appears they are on board.

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