Young pups and old dogs

October 22nd, 2014 by Ken

The young pups were in charge, but it was the old dogs which showed up.

That about sums up last night’s meeting of the “Better Thurston” committee, which wants to establish a new county charter.

Most of those involved in leadership of the group weren’t in office or in leadership positions when the last county charter effort fell by the wayside in 1990, capping a 30 year effort to bring a new form of county government to the people of Thurston County.  But the room was filled with those who have tried since 1979 to revamp county government – – and failed.

Perhaps such a movement needs the energy and youth of the young pups.  But, if last night’s meeting was an indication, it was the old dogs which still had the interest.

However, the recent flap over the failures of the county commissioners – – in the Maytown lawsuit – – the denial of a hearing for asphalt recycling – – and the conflict between the county sheriff and the commissioners over the opening of the new jail – – may be enough to garner support for a new county charter try.

So, while the young pups are in charge this time – – they need to listen to the old dogs.

Any effort to get a new form of county government, must benefit the people and not lead to an increase in government control.

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