I think I just saw a pig fly

October 14th, 2014 by Ken

I saw something today I never thought I’d see.

I saw an editorial in “The Olympian” that asked us to vote against a school measure.

That’s right – “The Olympian ” urged voters to Vote NO on Initiative 1351 – the measure which would mandate smaller class sizes in our state school system.

You had to look closely to find the editorial.   Unlike the editorials for more gun control, “The Olympian’s” editorial took up just a few short paragraphs.   But one thing was clear from the editorial.

Even “The Olympian” the most liberal paper in the state, has become tired of the Washington Education Association’s continual cry for more money and more control over our local schools.

Initiative 1351 was bought and paid for by teacher unions which pumped millions of dollars for paying signature gatherers and on television commercials.

Our local newspaper apparently felt comfortable in coming out against the initiative because a few prominent Democrats already have.   But the mood is clear.

The Washington Education Association and its lackeys in the legislature have just about reached the end of taxpayer’s patience.

Even “The Olympian” has come out against them.

I think I just saw a pig fly.

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