You can learn a lot by traveling

August 14th, 2014 by Ken

They say you should write what you know, and I know I just spent nearly three weeks visiting some of the nation’s cities on the East Coast.

I’ve come away with several observations.   Three weeks, six hotel rooms, three air flights and five major cities are a significant challenge to keep clear in your mind.

You really should be younger to do that much traveling, but when you’re younger, you don’t have the time or the money.

The East Coast is really different from Lacey.

Ever major city has a Martin Luther King Jr. boulevard, street or road.  And, they often lead into centers of the city’s black population.

Transit systems in Washington DC, Philadelphia or Boston will get you everywhere you want to be, providing you have hours to spend getting there.  Incidentally, the transit tickets in Boston are called “Charlies”.  If you have to ask why, you won’t really understand.

August is the wrong time of the year to see the major tourists sites.  That’s when all the tourists go.   Long lines at the nation’s icons are the norm and don’t forget, school children are out on summer vacation.   Historic sites are where their parents take them.

There’s almost nothing free.   Even the major historic sites owned and operated by the federal or state government have entrance fees (except in Washington DC.)   Private sites are even more expensive.

Driving is also expensive.  It’s not that gas is more costly there – – it isn’t.  It’s just that every ten miles is a toll booth – – even on Federal Interstate highways.

The Presidential John F. Kennedy Library and Museum is a disappointment.   There isn’t much there.  He only served as president for two and a half years, not enough time to build up a legacy.

Boston is a city that needs time to explore.  You can’t even begin to see the important sites in three days.

Portland, Maine is a city of 65,000 and  feels like a small town.   The Maine Coast isn’t that unique.  Visit Vancouver Island and get the same feel.   It looks just like Maine with pine trees instead of Douglas Fir.

I have no desire to go back.  I’ve learned all I want to.


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