Political parties being torn apart

April 23rd, 2014 by Ken

Lots of ink and air time has been devoted to the fact that the Tea Party has torn the Republican Party apart, but little notice has been given to the splits and rifts in the Democratic Party.

At least four factions are currently vying for control of the Democratic Party and the conflict will only continue to grow.

As far as I can tell there are four factions fighting for the heart of the “peoples” party.  They are, in no particular order – – the Beverly Hills and New York City liberals – – the blue collar unions – – the environmentalists – – and the government unions.

The split can better be defined as rural and urban.   The current conflict between the blue collar unions and the environmentalist, can best be seen in the fight over the Keystone Pipeline.   Right now the environmentalist have the ear of the national party and the president which can be seen by his failure to approve the Keystone Pipeline.

The Laborer’s International Union, which represents more than 500,000 construction workers calls the president’s move to delay the pipeline as “gutless” and a “low blow to the working men and women of this country.”

This fight between the blue collar unions and environmentalists can be seen in our own backyard and the efforts of Olympia Port Commission Sue Gunn to close down the marine terminal which employs dozens of unionized longshoremen.

It won’t be long before the blue collar unions will split from the Democratic Party and move closer to the Republican Party.

Those who labor long and hard for a few dollars – -and have been supporters of the Democratic Party – –  will also soon be moving away from that group when the government unions begin receiving more of their money.

The billions and billions of dollars the educational unions want, in this state alone,  will drive the working poor away from the party when they find out that most of that money will go to hire more government union workers and raise their pay.

Democrats have done a good job in the past holding this current coalition together, but it’s going to break apart shortly over jobs and taxes.

And, while the Beverly Hills and New York City liberals control the banks and media, that will soon break apart over the Democrats reluctance to support Israel.

Republicans have a good chance in the near future to pick up some disenchanted Democrats and could become the party of the hard working taxpayers.

The problems with the Democratic Party will only grow as the split continues to widen.

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